Computer network management is closely related to management of PCs and servers as far as only individual computers and servers are the active and passive elements of the network that are connected and able to mutually communicate. We prioritize reliable and proven solutions and brands that will guarantee the computer network to work for many years. The goal of our company is to deliver a computer network in an integrated manner. This means all from the early design of the network solution, delivery and implementation to network management.

Activities related to network management and solutions include the following:

+ Projection for new network :

  • - planning low voltage distributors (computer network)
  • - design and analysis of the structured system - PC network, telephone extensions
  • - technical and blueprint layout processing of the project

+ Implementation of the passive part of computer network:

  • - delivery of different brand-name products for the passive part of the network (R&M Freenet, Brad-Rex, Draka, Solarix, Signamax...)
  • - installation of metallic and optical data distributors based on Ethernet
  • - installation of distribution cables and data distributors (racks) and outlets
  • - floor system placed in a concrete flaster floor
  • - certified measuring and testing of data distributors

+ Implementation of the active part of computer network:

  • - delivery of tested active brand elements for networks (Cisco, 3Com, Linksys, Zyxel, HP...)
  • - installation of active network components (switch, router, firewall...)
  • - set-up of active elements of the network for reaching optimum performance in the LAN/WAN environment
  • - securing the LAN connection
  • - management of the LAN/WAN network
  • - security solutions for computer networks (Firewall, IDS)
  • - consultation, user support and training
  • - set-up of encrypted VPN connections among PBX extensions

Cisco SystemsZyxelLinksysAllied Telesis

+ Followup maintenance of the PC network:

  • - regular maintenance and care of the PC network
  • - regular inspection of settings on the active elements in the computer network + additional settings
  • - firmware updates on individual active elements in the PC network
  • - solutions warranty and post-warranty problems
  • - constant monitoring of active network elements + text message notifications about failures