PC Service represents of the most fundamental activities of IT services. Principally it includes activities as the regular PC and server management. Whereas our company is primarily dedicated to regular IT management, we are aware of several main differences as opposed to the classical PC service:

+ Irregular (non-contractual) type:

The term PC service is used by our company to mean irregular and non-contractual activities where the customer does not enter into a contract with the IT service provider. The PC service is, therefore, suitable mainly for households and small companies.

+ Absence of long-term concept:

The customer must be aware that in the classical PC service the customer's IT infrastructure will not have a uniform concept and long-term strategy that would guarantee an adequate efficiency for intra-company activities.

+ Absence of above standard services:

A non-contractual client will not have any opportunity to fully use all above standard IT services and conveniences that would proceed from a contract. Among these belong guaranteed response time, monitoring key elements of the computer network, integrated access, etc… In spite of the fact that majority of our contractual clientele consists of small and medium sized firms (3 to 150 PCs), we also have non-contractual clients. We are primarily dedicated to our contractual customers, but we will not refuse to work with clients who only need PC service rather than regular IT management.

Our services under PC service include the following:

  • - antivirus protection (virus removal from PCs, installation of new versions)
  • - installation / reinstallation of operating systems and other computer software
  • - cleaning PCs of dangerous SW (spyware, maleware, etc.)
  • - elimination of hardware failures (warranty and post-warranty support)
  • - legalization of SW licences
  • - installation and configuration of input/output devices (printers, scanners, etc.)
  • - preventive hardware and software cleaning
  • - handling other customer's requests