Another significant activity of our company is creation of web pages and software solutions based on customer's requirements.

+ Creation of www pages:

   Internet has become of the most accessible and effective media in the market. To have one's own internet page is nowadays taken for granted. Our goal is to provide such internet solutions and services that will help you reach your business goals easier. We offer creation of web pages and complete services related to it. We propose solutions for newly developing projects or we functionally improve the existing internet pages, and we adapt them to modern dynamically developing trends. You can find some of our successfully finished projects in the section references.

+ What specifically are we offering?:

Analysis of the firm and its strategy

After familiarizing itself with the business objectives of your firm and personal consultation about your expectations and requirements our team will create a structure of your internet presentation.

Creative graphical proposal

In the modern times full of information the visual presentation of a business identity becomes an inseparable part of the company's marketing impact on the market. Creative designers create a graphical proposal based on the sensitive connection of client's identity with the character of the project.

Creation of internet presentation

Each project is individually reviewed and worked out according to the customer's specific requirements. During that time we try to use all accessible modern programming techniques and languages. The diversity of dynamic programming languages, such as PHP and Javascript using databases (e.g. MySql), offers endless possibilities for large information systems. We offer our own editorial system with fast online update capability for the customers. In this manner your webpage will work directly with potential customers who have a fastest continual access to new information, and therefore, they will always be happy to come back in order to learn something new.

Testing internet presentation and training

Each webpage is unique. Before the webpage is launched live on internet, it is tested by our programmers, potential users and, of course, our customers. Training our clients is a matter of course. You will be personally trained by programmers who will have prepared the entire presentation and who, therefore, know it best. They will be able to answer any question you may have.

SEO optimization

+ Software development:

  We offer development of information systems upon orders. Our goal is to increase efficiency of your intra-company processes. Our solutions cover areas of storage facilities, integrated records, ordering and planning software and CRM systems. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.