+ Optimization of company telecommunication expenses:

  Nowadays we find ourselves in a situation where every firm is trying to endure the hard fight against competition. The winning companies are those that bet on quality, know-how, goodwill and have their expenses under control.

Expenses, to a large extent, depend on business as well as competitiveness of your company. Along with expenses for labor, rent and fuel, there is yet another big item. It is the expense for communication (expenses for internet and voice services). Our goal is to help your company optimize and lower exactly this type of expenses.

In addition to forementioned benefits our services will ensure firms a smooth and effective communication that will in turn guarantee higher productivity. We offer experiences, expertise and know-how in the field of telecommunication analysis (audits) that will show you the real situation in your firm. We would like to show you how the relatively large amount of business expenses, which you can further finance and improve (e.g. IT infrastructure) is typically ignored. We have already succeeded in many firms, and we are continually doing so, in lowering costs of telephone calls and internet. Our expertise comes from the close cooperation with telecommunication carriers, which provides us a regular inflow of current information that you may get later or never. Some carriers are currently our partners.

+ Sale and configuration of telecommunication technology:

  We try to provide as wide portfolio of IT services as possible. That is why our offer includes services related to delivery and configuration of telephone switchboards. Primarily we dedicate ourselves to brands such as Panasonic, CISCO and Alcatel. Currently the forerunner is the VOIP technology (calling via the IP protocol), which is the most modern replacement of classical telephone switchboards. We have already installed the VOIP technology at several of our clients.

Cisco Systems Panasonic Alcatel

We will be happy to provide you more information about telecommunication solutions via telephone or email (eventually personal meeting).