The foremost goal of IT & T is our customer's satisfaction. For this reason we follow certain principles (philosophy) which drive us to satisfy the requirements of our clientele. The advantages why you should especially choose us are summarized in the following points:

+ We are a professional team of specialists

- only with the help of our high quality and educated specialists we can satisfy the customer's needs. At the time of hiring new employees we place on them high technical requirements and mental capabilities.

+ We will raise your competitiveness

- by providing you the most modern technology, helping you increase the efficiency (speeding up your operations while lowering your expenses) and enabling you to compete in the market better.

+ VIP contracts

- in the history of IT & T we have received responses to the most favorite types of contracts we offer known as VIP. These types of contracts feature simplicity for calculating the total amount of the plan. They are also characterized by their low bureaucracy, and their main advantage is that they are all inclusive. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also all plans have affordable prices, and by their own logic they can prove the real savings as opposed to employing your own IT administrator.

+ We prefer long-term partnerships

- during our existence in the market we have learnt that the most important are strong partnerships founded on trust and correctness that will ensure a long-term cooperation and continuity of developing the client´s IT infrastructure.

+ We do not promise things, we do them

- we provide high quality IT solutions and services supported by know-how and not empty promises. Our goal is to tell the customer that "there is no problem" and we try to satisfy all customer´s requirements.

+ Principle of equality

- the customer should never feel inferior to others. The customer is entitled to receive the same high quality services as others. We respect each one of our clients equally without regardless of the customer's business size

+ Integrated approach

- we expressly prefer the integrated IT outsourcing/IT management. It is simpler for our clients to have all IT services provided by one single company rather than having to arrange individual activities on their own, which would always takes longer and, of course, costs more. This approach forces us to continuously develop our know-how in order to keep pace with the newest technology and thus cover the wide portfolio of our services.

+ Value added

- in addition to providing the highest quality services we also offer our customers an added value that includes monitoring the servers, central service contact (one expressly established contact so the client does not have to deal with several contacts), global record of hardware and software licences, statistics of hardware and software in use and others…

On the basis of the above mentioned principles and values we are trying to provide our customers IT services of the highest quality by which we differ from our competitors. The proof of this is the ever increasing number of our clients.

"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."
Niels Bohr